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 ^^An Cafe^.~

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MesajSubiect: ^^An Cafe^.~   Vin Mar 20, 2009 9:25 pm

An Cafe (or Antic Cafe) is a Japanese pop/rock band formed in 2003 and signed to the independent label Loop Ash. They have been described as a visual kei band.As of 2008, the group has released two full-length albums with another slated for an April release.

An Cafe was formed in May 2003 with Miku, Kanon and Bou who would later be joined by Teruki after leaving his former band, Feathers-Blue. The band played live shows for their first year, without any releases.

In 2004, An Cafe released their first demos and signed a record deal with Loop Ash. Their first release, "Candyholic" was released in March and reached the second spot on the Oricon indies single chart. The band continued touring and releasing, including their first album, Shikisai Moment in 2005. The band released even more singles in 2006 until their second studio album, Magnya Carta (a play on "Magna Carta").

In 2007, the band announced their first overseas appearance at Project A-Kon. The announcement of this was followed shortly by the departure of guitarist, Bou. The last performance with Bou was on April 30, 2007, and was featured in a DVD titled Hibiya On *The* o New Sekai. After Bou left the band, two new members were announced; Takuya to replace Bou as the guitarist, and Yuuki to joing An Cafe as a keyboardist. The first single with their new lineup was announced as "Kakusei Heroism" followed by "Ryuusei Rocket". In the end of 2007, An Cafe announced their first overseas tour, taking place in Europe in 2008.

In the opening weeks of 2008, An Cafe announced their upcoming single, "Cherry Saku Yuki!!" in February, as well as their next studio album, to be released on April 9, 2008.

* Miku – vocals
* Takuya – guitar (since 2007)
* Kanon – bass
* Teruki – drums
* Yuuki – keyboard (since 2007)

Despre cantaretii trupei

Miku [Voc.]
Position: Vocalist
Real Name: Akiharu Tsukiyama
Birthday: 1984 5th January (It is day the of strawberry♪)
Hobby: Cooking, guitar, shopping and bath time
Family: Mother, father and a little sister. He had a hamster before. (Miruku)
Favorite brands: LHP、JACKROSE、BLGALIJAS tin day bis, royal order

Favorite color: Black, white, red, gold and silver
Tobacco: Pianissimo1mm
Favorite band(s)/singer: Kagerou and Ayumi Hamasaki
Favorite food: Sushi, Noodles, hamburger, Chinese noodles, stake,the Hiroshima burning and pig bowl
Bloodgroup: A
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Previous band(s): Revirii
Perfume: kueisa
Shampoo: karakua
Piercings: 4

Message: Nyappy o (≧∀≦) oIt is Miku. I always receive vigor from An cafe child. Thank you☆
We gives vigor to An Cafe child and would like to become the existence the way, is.
Together throwing awayking It probably will keep sending life♪

Teruki [Drums]
Position: Drummer
Real Name: Teruki Nagata
Birthday: 1980 8th december (shooter seat)
Hobby: Nature and sake, While inquiring about music, I look back at the past.
Family: Mother, father and two older siblings.
Favorite brands: PAISTE, Pearl
Favorite food: There is a large quantity.
Favorite color: Okinawa sea, emerald green.
Tobacco: Without inhaling, I do. I dislike.
Favorite band(s)/singer: Dir en grey
Favorite Food: Apple and Sake
Bloodgroup: A
Length: ?
Weight: 45 (?)
Previous band(s): Feathers Blue
Perfume: Cool water woman How many, those of refreshing type and the kind of image which feels the gentle breeze in the day when a certain summer clears up?
Shampoo: Lax
Piercings: 9 left ear , 8 right ear, 1 in nose, 4 in lip, 1 left chest
Message: However there is a life variety, when it rots, it is being defeated. Because we perseveres, I persevere.

Kanon [Bass]
Position: Bassist and the leader of the band
Real Name: Shinya Sano
Birthday: 1984 5th July
Hobby: Shopping and games, Fall○Field promenade, in○Broadway promenade
Family: mother, father,grandmother, older sister, younger brother
Favorite Brands: PAISTE, TAMAViviene Westwood Kadokawa, Kodansha publishers, Ltd. and Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd.
Favorite color: Black, purple, gold and silver
Tobacco: Caster mild
Favorite band(s)/singer: Plastic Tree
Favorite Food: Gurasse and Sake, Chicken Chinese noodles
Bloodgroup: O
Length: ?
Weight: ?
Previous band(s): None
Perfume: CK ON
Shampoo: huino
Pierced earring:1

Message: It is possible to strike gradually, is??
You use what kind of skill…It is hyphenation item([haato]

Takuya [guitar]*

Birthday: Febuary 9
Blood Type: A
Hobbie: furo (taking a bath.... I’m assuming the public bath things XDD or just taking a bath in general I guess XD)
Favourite food: fruits
Favourite Brand: Gibson
Favourite Colour : white, black and red
Cigarette: Miseinen (desu) (He's a minor or at least pretty young... and doesn't smoke)
Perfume: No preference
Shampoo: Lax
Piercing: none

Please to meet you. I’m Takuya on guitar.
Though I still have some way to go, I want to earnestly persevere, and I ask for your support onegai shimasu. (Okay there is suppose to be the word “burn” somewhere in there... like I guess he’s not “burning yet”...)

Yuuki [keyboard]*
Birthday : August 29
Blood type : ???
Hobbies: collect watches, After going to a club go look at the puppies in Roppongi Petshop
Favourite food: sweet things, spicy things, and sour things
Favourite Brand: D&G , BLGALI , ROLEX
Favourite colour: gold, black and sliver
Cigarette: ROSE
Perfume: Febreeze
Shampoo : Vidal Sassoon

Please to meet’ya Hi!! I’m Yuuki ☆
In their eyes I have seen, those who loves ancafe have a great warm heart, so though, I’m inexperienced and have a long way to go, I will persevere (not be defeated???) , and so please root for me.

Ex member

Bou [Guitar]
Position: Guitarist
Real Name: Kazuhiro Saitou
Birthday: 1983 16th september
Hobby: Sleeping
Family: Mother, father and an older sister
Favorite brands: Putumayo, Paul Smith
Favorite band(s)/singer: Luna Sea
Favorite food: ?
Bloodgroup: O
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Previous band(s): None
Perfume: Pink Sugar
Piercings: Left ear 1


True love it's hard to find
But, when you finally found it
You lose it!
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MesajSubiect: Re: ^^An Cafe^.~   Mar Mar 31, 2009 10:57 pm

An cafe is my favourite band i luv them am aproape toate melodiile lor merita sa-i ascultati
Sus In jos
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MesajSubiect: Re: ^^An Cafe^.~   Mier Apr 01, 2009 12:24 am

stiu ca merita pentru ca si eu ii plac mult...mult


True love it's hard to find
But, when you finally found it
You lose it!
Sus In jos
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MesajSubiect: Re: ^^An Cafe^.~   Lun Apr 06, 2009 12:02 am

Da mie imi place de Kanon si miku ei sunt superbi(in privinta cantatutlui)si a aspectului fizic :">
Sus In jos
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new member

MesajSubiect: Re: ^^An Cafe^.~   Sam Dec 05, 2009 3:17 am

Ador AnCafe sunt preferatii mei deja de 3 ani juma.Preferatii mei sunt Miku si Taluya ^^
Sus In jos
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InFecTeD LolliPoP
new member

MesajSubiect: Re: ^^An Cafe^.~   Lun Dec 28, 2009 7:59 am

An Cafe :X:X auu !!!
II adolez pe toti si adolez melodia : Pipo papo telepathy sau Touhikairo
Sus In jos
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MesajSubiect: Re: ^^An Cafe^.~   

Sus In jos
^^An Cafe^.~
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