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MesajSubiect: Versailles   Vin Mar 20, 2009 9:27 pm

Origin: Japan
Genre(s) : Symphonic metal,Power metal,Neo-Classical metal
Members : Kamijo – vocals , Hizaki – guitar ,Teru – guitar ,Jasmine You – bass guitar ,Yuki – drums

Versailles (known as Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- in the United States) is a Japanese metal band formed in 2007. It is composed of several notable figures in the visual kei scene.
In March 2007, Versailles was formed by KAMIJO (ex LAREINE) and HIZAKI (ex SULFURIC ACID), then Jasmine You , who was from Jakura and HIZAKI grace project, TERU (from AIKARYU) and YUKI(from Suger Trip), who was strongly recommended by Rock May Kan( a long established venue in Tokyo) joined the band.
KAMIJO and HIZAKI had already had a concept of a new band since Autumn 2006 and took six months to find the appropriate members to express it. Its concept is “The absolute Youshikibi( beauty of form ) sound and extremes of aestheticism”.
On 29th March, the name of the members were revealed, then the name of the band was announced on 30th March.
On 2nd May, they posted a trailer for Versailles’s appearance on YouTube. Since then, they received a lot of proposals for tours and interviews from overseas. So far they have interviews with only international media/press.
At the end of May, German documentary TV crew came to Japan and the band was interviewed. In June, the interview was on Sankei Newspaper(one of big domestic newspapers) and Versailles were featured on the article. Due to big feedback, “Versailles / Band” was top 1 in Yahoo search-keyword ranking. Since then they were featured on TVs as the hottest band.
On 23rd June, they had a showcase live at Rock May Kan and the show was limited only for boys.
200 tickets were sold and a venue was completely packed.
On the next day , having their first show at Ebisu Liquid Room and over 700 tickets-holders got excited with Versailles first public appearance.
Versailles has released a single “The Revenant Choir” (and DVD single too). Its sold at only venues and will finish selling them at an event “The Red Carpet Day” presented by Versailles on 30th Aug. The show will be an end of prologue for Versailles’s story and a main story will be began.


True love it's hard to find
But, when you finally found it
You lose it!
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MesajSubiect: Re: Versailles   Vin Sept 25, 2009 12:03 am

Formatia pot sa zic ca este destul de buna mie una imi place stilul lor si mai ales prezenta scenica sa zic asa ^^ adica mai pe scurt hainele si atitudinea lor. La inceput nu imi placea mai deloc formatia si ma cam enerva dar dupa ce am mai ascultat 1-2 melodii a fost chiar draguta ^^
Pai imi palce mult de Teru pentru ca este asa de adorabil in unele poze ^^ mie imi place cel si cel mai mult la el atitudinea si felul de a fi. Deci el este definitia pura pentru kawaii ^^
In schimb nu il pot suporta pe Kamijo ma cam streseaza baiatu asta si este al naibi de enervant uneori >>'' insa trebuie da recunosc ca vocea lui este foarte kawaii~
Aristocrat's Symphony imi place foarte mult ^^ suna foarte kawaii si e prima melodie ascultata de la ei ^^
PV-ul este tot cel de la Aristocrat's Symphony la inceput chiar ma enervat fata care apare in el dar acum e in regula ^^ e chiar kawaii.
Sus In jos
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